3 Essential Qualities of the Best Business Coaches

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Passion. Commitment. Expertise. There’s so much that goes into becoming one of the best business coaches on the market. If you’re looking for someone to guide you through the ebbs and flows of your career, you want the cream of the crop. You want someone passionate about making your relationship their top priority. It’s not easy to find, but we can help.

The best business coaches possess three essential qualities that will make or break your success in their program. Working with someone with these qualities is absolutely imperative. Why put the time, money, and resources into coaching if the ends don’t justify the means? When speaking with potential coaches, keep an eye out for coaches that:

1. Keep You Accountable

One of the greatest products that comes from working with the best business coaches is their ability to push you forward. While there will absolutely be sessions where you rant, rave, and complain, by the end, you should have a clear cut plan as to how to move on from whatever incident has you fired up. Coaches push you to take action, move forward, and avoid getting bogged down by what-ifs. Work with a coach who has the goal-setting resources that track your successes and mitigates your struggles.

2. Are Transparent in Their Process

The best business coaches are going to be consistent in their process because their process works. There should be a clear cut plan from the beginning. That’s not to say that the process can’t be personalized to the individual clients, but the major steps need to be proven effective and implemented into your coaching plan. Ask potential coaches what their process is. If they offer a clear, concise answer with checkpoints and benchmarks, you’re on the right track.

3. Strike the Balance Between Firm and Fair

Coaches should be able to push you, give feedback, and do so with warmth and empathy. Coaches who are too firm will likely focus on negative feedback and all of the things you still have to do, without acknowledging how far you’ve come. Those that are too “soft” will lack the ability to give constructive criticism, which renders your coaching pointless. When growth is the goal, both coaches and clients must be willing to acknowledge where you’ve been, where you are now, and what great things you have ahead.

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