The Executive Coaching Industry is Thriving- Here’s Why

The executive coaching industry is stronger than ever, having brought in nearly $1 billion. With the average coach charging $200 an hour, it’s no surprise that many are hesitant to make the investment required to get started. But the fact remains that someone is paying for these services, and there’s a few good reasons.

Making the Strong Even Stronger

The executive coaching industry seeks to find those who have already found success in business and to bring them to even greater heights. Coaches can’t work with people who are unwilling or unable to move forward in their career. Coaches can work with professionals who want to grow in their field and as leaders in their own lives. Simply put, coaching works because both parties are dedicated to making it happen.

Finding and Defining Strengths

Coaches recognize that all business owners have strengths that can be great assets to a company with proper training and calibration. That’s why they work to get to know their clients through candid discussion and effective questioning. By starting with what each client does well, we encourage and kindle the fire of growth that waits inside of them.

Targeting and Eliminating Weaknesses

While all coaches would love if their clients had no weaknesses, it’s simply not possible. Even the best businessmen in the world have personality aspects and hangups that don’t translate well to the boardroom. Instead of accepting this, coaches work with their clients to target these weakness and turn them into strengths through goal-setting and accountability.

Building Relationships

Perhaps the most important thing that they executive coaching industry does is dedicate themselves to building relationships with their clients that are built on trust and expectation. There will never be a question of what the next step is because the process will be clearly defined. Clients can feel safe asking questions and engaging in frank dialogue about the nature of business and what can be done to operate within a business better. There will be celebration and disappointment in a safe space, away from the judgement and scrutiny of the office.

When it comes down to it, the executive coaching industry is thriving because we are a community of professionals passionate about making our clients better at what they do. When you’re ready to pursue greatness, contact Catalyst Group ECR.

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