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What You Can Expect from a CEO Roundtable

Networking has become essential for small business owners and executives who aim to stay on top of their game. The CEO roundtable is one of the most valuable and stimulating events for fostering connections and exchanging knowledge. In this article, we’ll discuss the concept of a CEO roundtable and provide guidance on preparing for and making ...
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Strategic Planning for the Upcoming New Year

Though it’s only October, there’s no denying that the new year is coming swiftly upon us. Soon enough, business owners will be wrapped up in the whirlwind of the holidays. While spending time with loved ones is important, so is strategic planning for next year. Getting a head start on evaluating your business will let ...
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5 Categories of Leadership Objectives for Goal Setting

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We’ve discussed quite often the necessity of setting clear goals for yourself and for your business. Without goals, it can feel like you’re constantly reacting to situations as they occur, without a clear path for where you’re going next. That’s why major publications, like Entrepreneur, commonly puts out articles about the importance of setting goals and doing ...

Why CEO Roundtables with Catalyst?

Catalyst Group ECR’s goal is to contribute to the success of its client companies by providing forums for business owners, Board and Committee Chairs, CEOs and senior executives to discuss critical business issues. We are dedicated to helping senior business leaders to be more effective in their roles and to improving the performance of their ...