Talent Management is Your Next Big Business Strategy

Talent management is a business’ pledge to hire and retain only the most talented, skilled individuals on the market. While performance-based strategies usually fall to the human resources department, talent management strategy requires leaders in the company to take an integral role in shaping their employees into the great businessmen and businesswomen of tomorrow.

It starts with developing a recruitment strategy. While many companies usually wait for potential employees to come to them, great businesses actively seek out new recruits. They see the value in giving potential employees the confidence that comes from being sought out by you and your recruitment team. Once they’ve found these “diamonds in the rough,” businesses must be willing to set up multiple interview occasions.

These interview occasions should start with a one-on-one with the supervisor who will be working closest with them. If the chemistry and skillset is present, your recruit should then move on to a team interview. These are the people that they will be working with everyday, so there should absolutely be input from this sector. Hiring a talented recruit who won’t fit in well with their team will be more trouble than it’s worth, especially if collaboration is a major factor of your business model.

The final steps in talent management are an ongoing and process. The direct supervisor should work with the team to train the new hire, taking an active part in the training activity. Supervisors should also make a commitment to working with the employee to set attainable, but challenging, goals and celebrating them as they are accomplished. The goal setting and celebration of accomplishments is an excellent strategy to ensure that your new talent feels both validated and challenged to grow in their new workplace.

Catalyst Group ECR knows that in order to be productive while using the talent management business strategy, managers and supervisors must be trained in excellent leadership skills. Without the basics in leadership and management, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the process, but training with Catalyst Group ECR can help. Get started by contacting us and starting your journey towards adopting the talent management strategy in your business.

How to Find the Best Sarasota Executive Coaching Organizations

If you’re looking for executive coaching organizations in Sarasota, Florida, there’s a right way and a wrong way to approach it. Obviously, choosing the first coach that crosses your path isn’t the direction you should take. Finding a coach that is truly going to help you grow in both your personal and professional paths takes a little work and some serious contemplation.

The first thing that you should ask yourself is, “Why am I hiring a coach in the first place?”

This could come down to what skills you’re interested in revamping, the acquisition of brand new skills, or even just working through a difficult business transition with finesse. When you start looking for a coach, you’ll want to be very clear about how you’re hoping to grow. Otherwise, you may end up with someone who’s nice enough, but doesn’t offer expertise where you’re wanting it.

Next, you’ll need to assure that they have business experience.

A general life coach is good for most pursuits of growth, but you’ll need someone with a hearty background in the business sector in order to get exactly what you’re looking for. Finding someone with an appropriate business background assures that you’re getting relevant training, which will make it easier to translate those skills from paper to real world scenarios.

Once you’ve found a coach who is interested in the business sector and who can help you grow in the areas you’re focusing on, you need to make sure that it’s going to be a relationship that works.

This doesn’t mean that the executive coaching organizations that you’ve chosen are like you in every aspect. In fact, this often leads to unproductive meetings and trivial banter. You want someone who is going to push you and challenge you, while having the same goals in mind.

Catalyst Group ECR of Sarasota wants to be your next executive coaching organization. With decades of business coaching experience, we’re ready to help you reach your full potential with thoughtful goal setting and targeted strategies.  to set up an initial meeting, and kick off your journey to executive excellence.