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Need a Catalyst toBecome a Great Leader?

Whether you work with 20 people or 200 people, they deserve a leader who knows how to lead. The Catalyst Group ECR’s belief is that Great Leaders are Made, Not Born. Our program is for any person who holds a professional leadership position. With a stock of knowledge backed by decades of experience, we are here to help you flourish where you are. Great leadership enables people from different backgrounds and different experiences to come together for a common cause.

Don’t Just Work In Your Business…Work On Your Business:

Catalyst Group ECR works with business owners seeking clarity and community through roundtables and coaching. We seek out individuals focused on their strategic vision. Those who are looking for a way to be focused working on their business and not just in their business. Growth is the goal, and Catalyst Group ECR believes that growth can only happen when the discussions are frank, the assessments are true, and the business owners value their own goals of growing into better leaders. Therefore, our goal is to offer business owners the tools and skills they need to become the best versions of themselves through group mentoring and individual accountability.

WhatWe offer

Executive Roundtables

Peer-group, roundtable discussions are focused on individual growth and skill development.

Business Coaching Services

We provide one-on-one executive coaching without the cookie-cutter mentality.

Leadership Development

Leadership skill development, essential for those who are still unsure how to take charge and take action

Lori and the team at Catalyst Group ECR helped me unlock exactly what my company needed in a new CFO. She listened with a genuine intent to learn, used our past successes to predict future opportunities, and gave expert advice that painted a full picture of what we were looking for. We thought we knew what we wanted, but Lori helped us understand what we needed!"
Jon C
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