Business Coaching and Mentorship

Helping Owners and Executives Take Care of Business

Catalyst Group ECR works with business owners and executives to help them realize their potential and experience growth in their focus areas. Through one-on-one meetings, we work with you to build a sense of community and rapport that provides a foundation for growth.

Catalysts’ advisors build ongoing relationships with their clients to help them alleviate some of the day-to-day pressures of running a company and focus on their long term needs.

With monthly or bi-monthly consultations, we work diligently to help our clients tackle their most pressing barriers to growth and largest obstacles to success. We specialize in:

  1. Strategic Planning & Value Creation
  2. Cash Flow Management
  3. Financial Statement Analysis
  4. Company Valuation
  5. Executive Coaching & Training
  6. Networking Facilitation
  7. Employee Management & Engagement

Once a relationship is forged, we work together to develop your vision. Continued meetings over the 6-month contract mean that you have access to a sounding board, dedicated to assessing growth and goal setting. When something works, we celebrate that success and analyze what brought you there. When you hit snags, we work together to avoid those same snags in the future. No matter where you are as a business leader, we provide the structure and skills necessary for greatness. We meet you where you are and help you get where you want to be.

Catalyst Group ECR is devoted to partnering with clients to create a creative process that maximizes professional and personal potential.

Strategic Planning & Value Creation

Our first few sessions are dedicated to understanding how your company operates, and what your goals are in the near and long-term. We go through a series of exercises that analyze your performance objectively and identify the KPIs that we need to reach in order to meet, and eventually surpass your goals.

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Cash Flow Management

We’ll look at your historical financial performance to determine what the right level of liquidity is for your business and how to optimize your assets to get there.

Financial Statement Analysis

If needed, we’ll take a deep dive into your financial statements to help you understand what nuances exist and what their implications are.

Company Valuation

We run a complete analysis of all of your assets and liabilities to assign a financial value to your company as it currently stands. We’ll also provide insights into where the largest opportunities for increasing your business value exist.

Public Speaking

Whether you’re looking for a presentation on the goals for the fiscal year or a seminar on team building, Catalyst Group ECR can bring charisma to your next event. We’ve been practicing for over three decades, honing our skills and expanding our experiences. We bring that experience to your audience. 

Our presentations are:

  • Energizing and interactive
  • Authentic and filled with enthusiasm
  • Carefully planned and crafted to engage your particular audience

Executive Coaching & Training

While we primarily focus on the data side of the business, we emphasize the value of intangibles, like strong leadership and culture. We work with many owners and executives to improve their leadership, management and general communication skills.

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There’s no better resource for finding networking opportunities than Catalyst Group ECR. We help business leaders connect with others who are going through the same experiences and challenges that you are. 

We help business executives:

  1. Develop a networking strategy to maximize the return on the time you invest in it
  2. Learn how to work a room, make your presence known and leave a lasting impression
  3. Meet the right people by facilitating and organizing executive roundtables on your behalf

Employee Management

Sometimes, improving your company can be as simple as finding ways to get more from your employees. We’ll provide you with a playbook that will help you to inspire increased effort, loyalty, and brand advocacy.

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