Business Coaching and Mentorship

Our Methodology

Catalyst Group ECR works with business owners and executives to help them realize their potential and experience growth in their focus areas. Through one-on-one meetings, we work with you to build a sense of community and rapport that provides a foundation for growth.

Once a relationship is forged, we work together to develop your vision. Continued meetings over the 6-month contract mean that you have access to a sounding board, dedicated to assessing growth and goal setting. When something works, we celebrate that success and analyze what brought you there. When you hit snags, we work together to avoid those same snags in the future. No matter where you are as a business leader, we provide the structure and skills necessary for greatness. We meet you where you are and help you get where you want to be.

Catalyst Group ECR is devoted to partnering with clients to create a creative process that maximizes professional and personal potential.

Leadership and Personnel Management

We are not a consulting firm – though we are experts, we prefer a more client-oriented approach. We ask the right questions to help you think critically about who you are as a leader. Additionally, we follow a precise structure to ensure misconceptions and issues are addressed along the way.

This service is ideal for those who see leadership as a journey, instead of a destination. At the end of our time together, you’ll walk away with the know-how that you need to thoughtfully and effectively perform your leadership duties.

Meeting and drinking coffee

Work/Life Balance and Time Management

 If you find yourself wondering how you’re supposed to squeeze all the things you want and have to do into a day, it is time to get in touch with Catalyst Group ECR.

We can help you find the middle ground between productivity and peacefulness. You’ll find yourself with more time for your loved ones and an enhanced ability to prioritize your tasks. We want to help you manage your time and your life.

Public Speaking

Whether you’re looking for a presentation on the goals for the fiscal year or a seminar on team building, Catalyst Group ECR can bring charisma to your next event. We’ve been practicing for over three decades, honing our skills and expanding our experiences. We bring that experience to your audience. 

Our presentations are:

  • Energizing and interactive
  • Authentic and filled with enthusiasm
  • Carefully planned and crafted to engage your particular audience
Public Speaking Crowd


There’s no better resource for finding networking opportunities than Catalyst Group ECR. We help business leaders connect with others who are going through the same experiences and challenges that you are. 

We help business executives:

  1. Develop a networking strategy to maximize the return on the time you invest in it
  2. Learn how to work a room, make your presence known and leave a lasting impression
  3. Meet the right people by facilitating and organizing executive roundtables on your behalf

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