What You Can Expect from a CEO Roundtable

Group of people sitting around a boardroom table

Despite the world’s movement towards interconnectedness and networking, it can feel like you are alone in your role as CEO of your company. The responsibility of being in charge of a large business can weigh on the heart of mind of business owners and CEOs alike, leaving little space for thoughts on seeking help, improvement, and growth. That’s where a CEO roundtable comes in.

CEO roundtables allow you to come together a peer group of business owners in a confidential, safe space, where the goal is growth, never judgement. It brings together individuals in top-level leadership positions in an intimate, candid setting. There, you’ll have the opportunity to speak about the trials and triumphs that each individual encounters in their position, then seek out solutions that can be brought back to each individual’s own company.

When you sign up to participate for a CEO roundtable,  you are becoming part of a group who wants to feel the improvements coming from their own hands. It’s for those who want to arrive upon their own solutions, instead of being prodded along in directions that may not suit their needs or the needs of their business.

Once everyone is laser-focused on the goals, the focus shifts to the hot topics on every business owner’s plate, including demystifying financials, developing key performance indicators, and strategic planning. Through debate, conversation, and peer mentoring, you can leave your CEO roundtable feeling refreshed about your status as leader of your business.

Most importantly, you guide the conversation. With your peers, you decide what the next topic will be and what the outcomes of the meeting should look like. With Catalyst Group ECR, you will be in charge of your own growth as a leader and you will be held accountable to your own standards. We are only here to facilitate that success.

If you’re ready to grow as a leader and a CEO, contact Catalyst Group ECR to get on board with upcoming CEO roundtable events.


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