Why CEO Roundtables with Catalyst?

Catalyst Group ECR’s goal is to contribute to the success of its client companies by providing forums for business owners, Board and Committee Chairs, CEOs and senior executives to discuss critical business issues. We are dedicated to helping senior business leaders to be more effective in their roles and to improving the performance of their companies.

Our CEO Proundtables Provide Opportunity

Our roundtables provide an opportunity for business owners, Board and Committee Chairs, CEOs and senior executives to gain ideas and knowledge from others facing common issues in a confidential peer setting, while expanding their professional networks. Members use the groups to discuss both company-specific challenges and issues that all roundtable member companies face.

Why Catalyst? What Makes Us Different?

Catalyst Group ECR has a leader with broad experience in corporations, consulting and executive development, along with deep familiarity entrepreneurship and ACTUAL business ownership. Our business experience, familiarity with member companies and careful session preparation enables us to add relevance and depth to the roundtables’ discussions. It will be well worth your time to pursue a roundtable discussion if you’re looking for feedback on YOUR business from other business owners.

How can others benefit my business?

Our roundtable members participate in our roundtables for a number of reasons unique to their industry, company and business circumstances. Yet each of them takes away practical, real-world ideas from their peers that they can implement in their own companies, while also broadening their professional relationships. Our roundtable groups generally meet quarterly for a mixture of dialog amongst the members and discussions on topics of special interest to the members led by outside experts and are facilitated by Lori – the founder of Catalyst Group ECR!

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