Why Business Coaching is Necessary

Great business owners and leaders are always looking for ways to grow and develop. By working with a coach, Catalyst Group ECR clients are able to create a vision for where they want to be in their businesses and lives and develop tangible strategies and actions plans to help them get there. With specific tracks and programs designed to meet your needs, our coach, Lori, can provide you with the insight, experience and resources you need to get you where you want to be.

Small Business Coaching

Small business owners face their own set of challenges and opportunities – and we offer a coaching program tailored specifically to meet your needs. With a mix of business and executive coaching experience, our coach will help you create a solid Business Vision and Business Plan and work with you to help define and reach the next level of success. Areas of emphasis often include talent recruitment and retention, leadership development, managing cash flow, securing financing, business development, marketing, crafting a compelling vision and customer service. Ultimately, at Catalyst Group ECR, we’re creating a unique experience (by pairing coaching and roundtables) so a community of professionals can come together and take the time to reflect on their current situation, then determine the necessary steps they must take to reach their professional and personal goals. This is not a seminar. We have carefully designed an environment where real life and business change can happen.

Why Business Coaching is Necessary

As entrepreneurs, we often forget to to step back and reflect. This leads to building a business that isn’t in alignment with the life we want, isn’t suited to our unique strengths, and isn’t meaningful to us.

I see so many people molding their life around their business, instead of the other way around. It’s a shame. They successfully break free from someone else’s prison only to build themselves a new one.

A good coach will make sure that this never happens.

And if you are a coach yourself, it is absolutely essential that you hire the best coach you can. Why? Because a coach who hasn’t been coached is a walking contradiction, asking people to believe in a process that they themselves have not invested heavily in. This is equally true of consultants, trainers, and other service professionals.

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