CEO Coaches are the Key to Professional Development

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In a recent article from Forbes, it was reported that an impressive 80% of CEOs (out of an polling pool of 200) said that they would be receptive to receiving professional coaching, while a seemingly impossible 100% reported that they would be receptive to feedback and making changes based on that feedback. What does all of that boil down to? CEO coaches are a hot commodity and if you’re a professional, it’s time to start searching for one that fits your needs.

Business owner coaches do much more than teach their clients to be better at their job. They teach them strategies for becoming innovative thought-leaders. Better yet, these skills are applicable outside of the board room. Good business coaching opens the door to becoming the best version of yourself through accountability and improved decision-making.

Leaders who seekout coaching opportunities benefit the people around them. While CEO coaches can provide strategies for handling major decisions, they are also adept at teaching leaders to encourage their team, focus on strengths, and inspiring others to work towards a common goal. These are not easy skills to obtain, especially if they are not in your natural repertoire of ability. With coaching, you can become a great leader of your team in a genuine, authentic way.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a CEO coach is that they provide an outside perspective, as it’s not uncommon for someone close to a situation to feel differently about it than a neutral third-party. Leadership coaches can act as sounding board during times of intense stress. Because most people in a business have their own agendas for why and how they react to a situation, coaches provide a scientific means of coming to decisions that neutralizes personal attachment to an issue.

With the busy schedule that a CEO has to contend with, there’s little time to stop and reflect. Dedicating yourself to a coaching program, such as those led by Catalyst Group ECR, forces you to take a necessary step back from your board meetings and business calls. You’ll find that those situations become easier to contend with as you grow through your coaching program.

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