Getting the Most Out of Your Executive Coaching Program

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Starting an executive coaching program can take courage and commitment that some CEOs simply don’t want to dedicate. For those that are ready to continue 2018 with a positive, productive attitude, an executive coaching program can be exactly what you need to take your management style to all new levels.

When you start meeting with your executive coach, be ready for a little bit of discomfort. It’s hard hearing about the things that you need to improve on, but it’s the best way to grow. You don’t want a coach who only wants to tell you what you want to hear. While you and your coach should have chemistry, you should also feel comfortable being blatantly honest with one another, even at the expense of your pride.

Your coach is going to encourage you to seek out new peers and new experiences. You should be open minded. While networking can feel like yet another task on your to-do list, it’s actually a great way to meet like-minded individuals who experience the same struggles and triumphs that you do. There’s a lot of power in knowing that you have people behind you who understand your position.

Don’t be afraid to share your strengths and your weaknesses. Your initial goals should be built around your strengths because a great way to gain momentum towards success if being successful. While that seems obvious, it’s all too common that someone is too ambitious from the beginning will fail and become demotivated. Your executive coach will focus on your strengths first, until they feel that you are ready to confront your weaknesses.

Catalyst Group ECR wants you to make the most of our time together. Lori Moen has nearly four decades of experience in business and in sales and management training. Start your New Year right with a commitment to growing in both your personal and professional fields through the dedicated service of Moen and Catalyst Group ECR!

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