Peer Advisory Groups: Unlocking Your Full Potential

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While working one-on-one with a specialist in leadership development, there’s nothing quite as valuable as finding peer advisory groups that you have real chemistry with. While not all groups look the same or have the same goals, your leadership coach can help you get connected with one that fits your needs. Here’s how this setting can be conducive to your growth:

They’ll Hold You Accountable

Once you have put your trust into your peer advisory group, you’ll find that you want to attend. These groups aren’t all business. They can inspire you to grow outside of the workplace, in your personal life, your relationships, and even your health. What you get back from your group depends on how much you put in. If you’re looking for people who want what’s best for you and aren’t afraid to hold you accountable for your own success, then you need to join a peer advisory group.

They Give Expert Feedback

Peer is a keyword. The people in your group are likely in the same business that you are, dealing with the same problems. A major part of your interactions with your peers will be sharing your business situation and asking others for their feedback on how things could be handled in the future. You’ll walk away feeling empowered by real solutions for your real problems.

It’s a Facilitated Conversation

Think back to the college course that resonated with you most. It likely had a format in which the students did most of the talking while the professor moderated the conversation. Peer advisory groups pull from the pedagogical theory that states that the person doing the talking is doing the learning. While having a facilitator is necessary to keep the conversation on track and the logistics, such as meals and speakers, maintained, your group is guiding the conversation. Its goals are your goals.

Catalyst Group ECR wants to help you find a peer advisory group that will help you unlock your full potential. Fill out our contact form to hear back from Lori, or give us a call. We’re ready to get you started on your journey to leadership excellence.

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