The Future Trends in Leadership Development Best Practices

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While leadership development isn’t a new field, it’s certainly made major strides in the last few years. With that comes a need for leadership development best practices to shift. Just as a teacher needs professional development courses to stay up-to-date on effective pedagogy, your leadership coach should be willing to grow with their field.

Those who seek out leadership coaching in the future will notice that there’s a special importance placed on knowing and understanding great leadership outside of the individual company. While it’s vital to understand exactly how the intricacies of your company are put into place, you can’t grow without seeking out practices that may be more effective than the ones you currently employ. Leadership development best practices will require more networking, collaboration, and training than ever before.

You’ll also see leadership coaches encouraging you to take increasingly uncomfortable leadership roles. Discomfort isn’t always a bad thing, though. If your heart and your mind aren’t struggling, it’s unlikely that true learning is taking place. For example, if you’ve always focused on organized delegation of tasks in order to reach a particular goal, your leadership coach may ask that you step out of the box and take on one of those delegated tasks yourself. While it can seem impossible to change your leadership style, this situation allows you to understand the diplomacy and creativity required of your team in a whole new light.

Finally, you’ll see that using past success as a predictor of future success is certainly no longer the standard. Leadership coaches of the future will understand that anyone willing to put their heart and soul into growing as a leader can accomplish that goal, so long as they are willing to step out of the box that they have created for themselves. No longer will it be acceptable to function in the idea of what your company “has always been.” Instead, you’ll need to focus more on what your company could possibly be, with the right leadership at the helm.

Catalyst Group ECR has already stepped into the future of leadership development best practices, which means that those coached by Lori Moen are already ahead of the curve. Want to bring your business up to date? Call today to set up a consultation and start becoming the leader that you could be.

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