The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional Business Coach

Professional Business Coach

Are you ready to take the plunge with a professional business coach? Taking the next step can be a big decision, but one that’s worth your time if you’re willing to put in the work.

While a professional business coach can help you become a more creative, well-rounded manager, they’re not right for everyone. There are pros and cons to taking on any kind of coaching. See if you’re ready to make the jump:


  • A business coach can help you become more empathetic and understanding, which can lead to a healthier business culture. Having a deep and meaningful understanding of the struggles and triumphs of every level in your business opens doors to a more cooperative working environment.
  • Coaching can help you become more open to feedback. When you work with customers, feedback, both positive and negative, is inevitable. The ability to dissect and grow from that feedback is an absolute necessity if you want to continue to satisfy those who do business with you.
  • The lessons you learn with your coach can spill over into your personal life. Being a business leader isn’t all that different from being a leader in your own life. The ability to quickly make decisions, find creative solutions, and compromise has endless applications outside of the office.


  • You shouldn’t expect your coach to be a miracle solution or a quick fix. Coaching with any skill takes time, effort, and resources from both parties. While any coach worth their salt is going to give you their best every time you meet, you must be willing to reciprocate. A coaching call once every 3-4 months just isn’t going to cut. You have to keep to a schedule that allows for results.
  • If you’re not willing to open up about your struggles as a manager, you’re not going to benefit from a coach. No business leader is perfect. That’s just the facts. We all have issues and weaknesses that should be assessed, discussed, and improved upon. Entering into a successful coaching situation requires a close relationship.
  • You must be able to define what coaching success looks like for you. It’s not an indefinite service. It should have a definite ending date, with the goals that you hope to accomplish by that time. If you can’t communicate what you’re trying to get out of the relationship, you’re going to have a hard time getting started and an even harder time seeing clear results.

Think you fit the bill for help from a professional business coach? Give Lori Moen a call and get started on improving your abilities as a business leader.


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