5 Reasons You May Need A Strategic Business Advisors in 2018

Strategic business advisor sitting at a desk while on the computer

Who succeeds? Lone visionaries? Not usually. The most successful entrepreneurs are talented, resilient, and dedicated. They also get good advice. A strategic business advisor may be the key to unlocking the potential of your business in 2018.

Here are five reasons why:

1. There’s Nothing New Under the Sun

Keith Ferrazzi, in Never Eat Alone, writes, “No process in history has done more to facilitate the exchange of information, skills, wisdom, and contacts than mentoring.”

“Paradigm shift” and “disruption” have become routine terms in business. Beneath the surface, though, there are things that don’t change. One is the value of mentors and advisors.

The main reason to work with a strategic business advisor in 2018 is that good advisors have always been a key to excellence and success.

2. Much is Changing—Fast

Maybe you’re used to rapid computer and telecom innovation. But in 2018, changes seem only to be multiplying. With AI, blockchain, tariffs, tax code changes, and much more, it may be that entrepreneurs have never needed strategic advisors more.

A skilled advisor has experience and established processes to help you decide what needs your attention. She’s a partner who helps you choose the right strategies to face your challenges, grasp your opportunities, and reach your goals.

3. A Strong Economy Offers Opportunity for Growth

We’ve had a bull market for nine years. The economy is near full employment. GDP growth is strong. For now, business conditions are excellent. 2018 may be a time of expansion for many businesses, whether planned or not.

A strategic business advisor can help you prepare for and manage growth in a way that aligns with your goals.

4. Strategic Advisors Provide Peace-of-Mind

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review begins, “Fear of failure stalks the world of the entrepreneur, from losing key clients to running out of money.”

At times, fear can be harmful, but the authors claim that it’s also necessary and useful. Fear shows you’re aware of the real risks involved in your work. That drives you to confront dangers and seek out the resources you need.

One way fear helps is by motivating you to put a quality support system in place: “For entrepreneurs in a constant battle with fear of failure, mentors and networks can be a vital source of reassurance.”

The right strategic business advisor will help you address the pressing needs of your business by providing the following resources:

  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Tools
  • Network connections
  • Outside perspective
  • Encouragement

Fear is normal in your line of work. It’s rational. Let it help you put in place the resources you need for long-term success.

5. A Good Business Advisor is Focused on You and Your Unique Needs

You can learn a lot about the economy, your industry, and how to grow your business from newspapers, magazines, webinars, conferences, or blogs. In the end, though, none of these sources can directly address your unique challenges and goals.

That’s what a strategic business advisor does. She’ll be eager to hear your story and help you discover your unique opportunities. Working with an advisor is a journey that begins with a conversation. It continues until you’ve achieved your goals.

The Right Person in Your Corner

Ferrazzi writes, “Successful people in nearly every field know that they can’t be their best unless they have a good coach in their corner.”

A good strategic business advisor is dedicated to your success. Contact Lori Moen for a free consultation. See if an advisor can make the difference for you and your business in 2018.

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