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Executives transitioning in or out of a company is cause for preparation, diligence, and ensuring that all parties are comfortable with the move. This CFO transition checklist can help you prepare for a major change in leadership. Often called a “handover list,” it allows the successor to take the reins as smoothly and easily as possible.

While we can’t possibly account for the individual items needed for a transition in every company, it does give you a place to get started. You’ll want to check with board members and other executives to ensure that you’ve prepared the proper information for the transition.

Be aware, though: Don’t wait until the day comes that you begin preparing these documents. Keeping an updated file that contains the CFO transition checklist, along with the information and files on the list, can make the onboarding transition much easier.

Want to learn more about transition planning for CFOs and other executives? Give Lori Moen a call. With over three decades of experience in the business world, she has the skills and resources to assist with your transition. Read more about the services she offers or check out the latest blog posts to learn more about what Catalyst Group ECR can do for you!

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