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Managing the Cash Gap for Small Business Owners

In the small business world, even a temporary cash flow shortage can result in major problems. With razor-thin margins and the constant financial demand of running a business, it should come as no surprise that 29% of small businesses close due to running out of cash. A whopping 60% say that cash flow contributed in ...
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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Reduce Their Overhead Costs

Have you heard the saying, “It takes money to make money?” It means that there are things you have to invest in for your business, from office space to technology. For a small business with razor-thin margins, there may not be much money to invest. Often, it can take a few years before a small ...
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What Your Small Business Can Do to Keep Taxes Low This Spring

Taxes are complicated enough for an individual. Adding in the additional complication of owning a small business can cause stress, anxiety, and concern over whether you’re fulfilling all of your tax obligations. Additionally, a large tax bill can take a toll on the razor-thin profit margins that small business owners often contend with. Your small business ...