Executive Advising Methodology: The Steps to Success

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Just as an academic advisor at a college helps young professionals navigate the question of “where do I go from here?,” an executive advisor’s goal is to help executives find their footing as they take the next steps in their career. Whether you’ve just moved from a company or you’re ready to start your own business, the executive advising methodology is a valuable resource for you to reference as you consider where you’re going next.


The executive advising methodology starts with assessment. It would be inappropriate for a consultant or advisor to try to instruct you without understanding you. Some use personality and interest inventories, like the Myers-Briggs, while others prefer to simply have conversations with you about your career, your personal life, and your aspirations. No matter what option your consultant chooses, they are building an understanding of you, as a person and a professional, that shapes the way they approach advising. It’s a personalized experience, tailored to your every need.

Once the advisor understands who you are, they can begin to light your path ahead. Whether it’s training modules, roundtables, or networking events, your advisor will open the vault to an abundance of professional resources that you may not have known were available to help your growth. Like an academic advisor, an executive advisor will help prepare you for the road ahead before asking you to start the journey.

Set Goals

Finally, the last piece of the executive advising methodology comes when it’s time to set goals and meet them once you’re in your new position. It’s not enough to stagnate once you’ve reached your current professional goal; You must continue to learn and network. Your executive advisor can help you stay on track through monthly meetings where you discuss what your professional goals are and how close you are to accomplishing them. Then, when you’ve reached them, your executive advisor will help you celebrate your growth. It’s a professional partnership focused on developing your skills and reaching your full potential.

If you’re looking for guidance from an executive advisor, look no further than Catalyst Group ECR. Our founder, Lori Moen offers 14 years of experience as a business owner, all of which have culminated into the opportunity for you to learn and grow. Our tough love approach will challenge you to set goals and create circumstances where success can flourish.

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