Planning for Life After Selling Your Business

There’s no way around it: Selling your business can be absolutely devastating. Unfortunately, it’s often a necessary and beneficial move for both you and the business. It’s not often enough that we, as business owners, discuss the emotional attachment that we have to our hard work. That’s why planning for life after selling your business ...

What Is A Business Appraisal and Do I Need One?

There’s something to be said about knowing your worth. Your business is no different. Understanding when a business appraisal is necessary and what it can do for your company can help you take on transitions with confidence. What is a business appraisal? Sometimes called a business valuation, a business appraisal looks at your income, your assets, and ...
Business to business

5 Tips to Improve the B2B Buyout Process

Selling your business is hard. Even if you’re selling out of necessity or tragedy, it can be incredibly difficult to give up on a dream. This rings especially true if you’re selling to a competitor. The business to business selling process isn’t an easy one, but these 5 tips can help ease the process: 1. Make ...
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CFO Transition Checklist

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