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Dismantling the Hub and Spoke

How would your business run if you were out sick for one day? What if you took a week-long vacation or a month-long leave of absence? If the answer to those questions is, “It wouldn’t,” you’re probably running your business in the “hub and spoke” model.  This traditional business model is represented as a wheel. In ...
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The Recurring Revenue Ladder

The chance to bring in revenue is what truly drives someone to make an offer to buy your business. Without revenue, a good investment can quickly go sour. Having a rock solid revenue foundation that you can show to a hesitant buyer can push them in the right direction. But, not all streams of revenue ...
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Growth Potential and the Sale of Your Business

When a buyer approaches an owner about purchasing their business, many are inclined to talk about the great things that the business has done in the past. Accolades, awards, sales records, and the length of time you’ve been open are all things to be proud of, but buyers are looking towards the future. They want ...