What Can I Expect During Business Owner or Executive Roundtables?

Business owner and executive roundtables provide the structure and opportunity in a safe, professional environment for those passionate about peer accountability, mentorship, and relationships. Unlike traditional networking events, these meetings have an end goal in mind– Helping you grow with a group of like-minded individuals with a laser focus on the specific hurdles that come with being a leader. 

With the Catalyst Group ECR Roundtable program, you can look forward to qualitative and quantitative evidence of where you stand as a business leader. 

Options for Both Business Owner and Executive Roundtables

Catalyst Group ECR focuses on two pathways for our clients in the Roundtable program.

For business owners, your group will focus on essential aspects of your unique role, with particular attention paid to transitions, exit readiness, and value growth. 

Roundtables open the door for tough conversations about best practices, the hurdles business owners face, bring to light challenges and how to overcome them, and help you feel less isolated in your role. Knowing that other successful business owners have faced seemingly insurmountable turmoil can inspire you to continue pushing through hard times and finding peace in your journey. 

We shift the focus to topics centered on team leadership and management for our executives. 

Topics are set beforehand, so you have plenty of time to prepare the data and anecdotal evidence you need to jump into the discussion. Just a few items up for conversation during Executive Roundtables might include:

  • Disaggregating financial data and creating quarterly goals
  • Creating key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty
  • Building a healthy office culture
  • Strategic planning and long-term growth
  • Marketing techniques
  • Innovations in the industry and how to incorporate them into your own business
  • Change management and hiring practices

With either Roundtable program,  you’ll join 10-12 peers to discuss the most important topics to you. These meetings, lasting 4-5 hours, are energizing and educational journeys through the trials and triumphs of being a business leader.

Together, your group will spend your time sharing experiences, goal setting, and storytelling to unlock key strategies that nurture your growth as a business owner. You’ll spend time both in and out of the spotlight, sometimes offering your expert knowledge and sometimes soaking in the experiences of those around you. 

Once finished, you’ll be invigorated and inspired to put your new knowledge to work in your own business!

One-on-One Followup

To ensure each professional in the Business Owner and Executive Roundtable group gets exactly what they need from our time together, our 12-month program also includes one-on-one coaching with Lori. It creates space for personal reflection, giving you time to solidify all new information into a working strategy. You’ll get a chance to break down the big ideas into actionable tips that are most valuable to your personal goals as an executive. 

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