8 Tips for Hiring New Employees in a Start-Up Environment

Two men sitting together and having a conversation

Behind every successful business is a team of talented people who are passionate about what they do. In the world of startups, where 30% fail in the first two years and 66% in the first ten, a powerful team is imperative to the continued viability of the business. When hiring new employees in a start-up environment, keep these 10 tips in mind:

1. Hire someone as soon as you can.

Money is going to be tight in the beginning, but the moment that you hire out some of the work that a startup requires, you’re going to have way more time to focus on the big picture.

2. Create and follow your own mission and value statements.

Be ready to explain what is important to you and your new business because it can sometimes be the only bargaining chip that you have before profits pick up. Share your world-changing vision, and watch people hop on board.

3. Don’t neglect potential in favor of experience.

Take the time to talk to your employee,not just at them. Give them the time and space to share what they can bring to the team and keep a keen eye out for people who are looking for something more than a job, but rather an opportunity to do something great that they happen to get paid for.

4. Invite the whole team to sit in on interviews.

Crafting a productive and professional culture is absolutely imperative, especially if you have a small team. Let everyone have a chance to share their opinion. They might notice good (or bad) in a person that your perspective doesn’t let you see.

5. Network just as hard as you expect your new hire to.

If you’re seeking someone who’s already getting their feet wet every weekend at field events, you need to be at those events too. You can’t expect to meet people passionate about the work that you do if you don’t put yourself in situations to meet those kinds of people.

6. Brag about your clients.

There is prestige in working with well-known companies and clients, especially if those working relationships are going well. Don’t be afraid to pull out your own portfolio and share some of the work that you’ve been doing with some of your favorite customers.

7. Make your new hires feel wanted.

Invite them to field events, praise their good work, and put a Keurig in the office. It seems small, but human beings thrive on positive attention and affirmation. Don’t be afraid to dole out the genuine compliments and special opportunities, as it makes the growing pains hurt a little bit less.

8. Create an onboarding process and stick to it.

Ensure that everyone who joins your company has a similar experience and that they’re receiving the same information. Certainly train your current employees on their role in onboarding and hold them to those expectations. It’s everyone’s job to ensure that new hires feel welcome and informed.

Hiring new employees in a start-up environment can feel like an impossible treasure hunt. Be creative and thoughtful during the process to find the diamonds in the rough. It’s going to be worth it when their skills, experience, and creativity help improve and amplify the success of your business.